How to make color steel roof waterproof

The leaking of the color steel roof is mainly concentrated in the overlapping of the profiled plate, the roof lighting, the connection of the gutter steel plate and the cement wall.


The construction steps of color steel roof leakage are as follows:


Determine the area to be waterproofed:The metal roof generally has the following areas that need to be waterproofed: horizontal lap, vertical lap, fan mouth, extended roof pipe, air conditioning pipe, around the lighting board, roof, gutter, metal plate and parapet wall junction, screw firmware, etc. Weak link in metal roofing.


Pretreatment of the base layer of water leakage of color steel roof:


Check the metal roof carefully before construction to ensure that the metal roof is firm, clean, free of rust, and no frozen objects. If it does not meet the above conditions, it will be treated as follows:

A. Replace the rusted firmware and add the firmware in an appropriate place.

B. Polish the rusty area with rust-removing sandpaper until it shows the true color of the metal, and then apply a base coat of paint.

C. Remove frozen objects, dust and other dirt.


Construction technology of color steel roof leakage:


A. First coat a layer of base coating on the metal roof lap. When it is still wet, embed 15-20 cm wide seam-woven polyester cloth into it, then fully infiltrate the seam-woven polyester cloth with base coat from above. To dry.

B. Metal roof protrusions (such as chimneys, air vents, fan openings, etc.): cut the size and shape of the woven polyester fabric, and cut them according to the technical requirements, apply a base coat around the protrusions, and cut Spread a good stitched polyester cloth on it, then fully infiltrate the stitched polyester cloth with base coating from above to ensure that there is no blistering or wrinkling.

C. Metal roofing firmware: Weave polyester fabric with 10×10seam, and process in the same way as above.

D. Metal roof gutters: Gutter lap joints, drains and other places are first treated with a metal roof waterproofing system for local waterproofing, and then a layer of paint is applied to a larger waterproof range, and the seam is woven when it is still wet. Ester cloth, then fully infiltrate the stitched polyester cloth with waterproof slurry from the top, or even completely dry. After at least 12 hours, finally apply another layer of waterproof slurry.

E. Apply one or two layers of surface waterproof coating to the area where waterproof treatment is done, which can be adjusted to various colors.